Fundraising Challenges

One our main fundraisers each year is our personal challenges which were started by Nigel with his decision to raise funds for the charity by circumnavigating Jersey 3 times. Kayaking,Cycling and then Walking all within 36hrs. This challenge was followed by the 3 peaks challenge and riding the 450 miles between them all with 5 days. The challenge then took on a different path with Aidan McAvinue and Simon O’Donoghue  challenging each other to circumnavigate the island in a race, one running and one swimming. The 48 miles course was completed by Aidan (running) about 1hr faster than Simon (Swimming).    
The Challenge has now developed into a yearly event with over 200 taking part .
The running event has Solo and Relay runners but we also now have Swimmers, Kayakers,SUP Boarders all Solo & Relay.