2015-Round The Rock Challenge

In 2015 our Chairman Aidan McAvinue was having an after work beer with his friend and colleague Simon O’Donoghue. The discussion turned to  ways of raising funds for our charity, as Simon was a swimmer Aidan suggested he swim around the Island (38 Miles) to raise funds. To Aidan’s surprise Simon agreed, on one condition, that Aidan ran around the island (48 Miles) in a race against him.
So after after a few more drinks the date was set. As it turned out there was a “Round The Rock” super marathon taking part that day taking the exact course that Aidan had to run so to cut a long story short they decided to enter Aidan in the “Round the Rock” race and Simon had a few other water friends joining with him, including a few Sup boarders  and Kayakers.

In the end they finished within a hour of each other, Aidan finishing the 48 miles in 9hrs 54 mins, arriving at the finish just 47mins ahead of Simo