For Help Please Complete The Following

If you need to travel to the Uk with your child then get in touch. Please complete the form below giving us as much information as you can. Our committee members will be informed of any new cases immediately and a decision is usually made within a couple of days on how we can help you. At present, we have a limit on how much we can allocate to a family, but obviously we will do everything we can to help you as much as we can.
We do apologise for the details we are asking for, but for our own records and in passing each case with the committee we need to ensure that we help each case as much as we can. We also require a short letter/ note from a doctor or other medical practitioner to confirm medical details. Finally, please keep any receipts so we can have copies- our books are audited so they are purely for this purpose. We will be in touch and are only too happy to help.